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Merritt Patterson Talks About Her Character Olivia Matheson (Video)

Written by Rae Lynn   // October 6, 2013

Merritt Patterson, Olivia Matheson, Ravenswood

Merritt Patterson Talks About Her Character Olivia Matheson


In this new video, Merritt Patterson describes Olivia, the character she plays on Ravenswood. Olivia has a twin brother Luke (Brett Dier) and describes her character as a “Queen Bee”.


She says, “[Olivia] is popular and has everything you’d kind of want… until recent events, which flips her world upside down. That makes her reevaluate what she thinks is important and that includes friendships and relationships …”


Watch Merritt’s Full Video


We don’t know a lot about the “Ravenswood Twins” at this point, other than they live in a cursed town, their mother may not be a well liked person, and they are two of the five strangers that might be doomed by the curse.  Lucky for us, we’re going to get to know a whole lot more about them very soon because the season premiere of Ravenswood is only 15 days away. Watch it on October 22 at 9/8c, right after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special. 


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